Guidelines for Content Writers

Please read all the details carefully:

  • This is a contract based project and we shall be working together for 4 weeks.
  • It’s a part time work, so you are not bound to work here only.
  • The writing test comprises 5 letters/applications as demo.
  • Only candidates with best writings will be called again for contract.
  • Office will remain open 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday).
  • Official timings are  3:30 pm to 7pm (any 2 hours).
  • All selected candidates required to work within our office only.
  • We need quality work, so write what is relevant to the topic being given.
  • You may ignore the topics you can’t write well or confusing.
  • The payment for your work shall be on weekly basis (Every Monday).
  • USB, Memory Card or mobile connection with pc is strictly prohibited.
  • Making snaps of screens or writing from mobile screens not allowed.
  • Internet browsing is not allowed in any case.
  • You may refer other people who you think are the quality content writers.
  • Copy/paste of letters from any other source/system/candidate is not allowed.
  • Write only in modern, professional, easy and convincing English language.
  • Writing in Desi/Pakistani style is not required.
  • We only write letters and applications of all types(Except is not required)
  • Don’t use unnecessary words, sentences, paragraphs, addresses in writing.
  • Don’t Use personal information like, phone number, specific address and dates which can be identified.
  • Don’t write the similar topics with minor changes again and again.
  • Writer may be disqualified anytime during the work due to poor writing or mistakes.
  • Don’t write any lame excuses in applications and letters like unrealistic situations, long addresses, repeated subjects, names and addresses.
  • Any candidate who make any violation which damage our contents/quality/standard will be fired immediately and payment will be cancelled.

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